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    About Design Wales

    The four primary activities of Design Wales are:

    Support Services Delivered Directly to Business

Delivered on behalf of regional economic development offices and innovation departments these workshops, training courses and events support businesses in understanding and managing design issues such as branding, new product development and service innovation.

Design Wales is currently co-delivering the Wales European Funding Office project Institute of Sustainable Design

    Support Services for Regional Development Offices/
Innovation Programmes
    To help regional economic development offices understand the role of design, develop their own regional policy and train local business support staff.

    Design Wales already leads a network of 11 European design organisations and regional policy makers and established the UK design support network in 2007. The insight gained from engagement with this broad network of partners provides invaluable knowledge of the current level of regional engagement and best practice delivery.

Design Wales runs Design Wales Forum a network for designers across Wales

    Design Wales undertakes research to understand the role of design support and promotion in economic development at a policy level and to further highlight best practice in support programmes. Design Wales have hosted a bi-annual International Workshop on Design Support (IWDS) since 2002 each time attracting up to 100 delegates from around the World.

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